The Toyota Companion App lets users adjust, control and sync their phones with their in-car entertainment systems. We worked to create a new Toyota Digital Style that was first applied to Toyota Application and later to all Toyota's digital properties. We also served as brand oversight assuring that other agencies working on the project properly applied the Toyota digital look and feel to the app.

The app was designed to be incredibly straight forward allowing users to quickly sync apps and accounts from their phone with their in-car systems. The app is set up to help users quickly understand how to pair it with bluetooth and troubleshoot how to connect it to their vehicles.


The app is setup to allow users to feel like Toyota has overlaid on top of the users phone, taking advantage of many interaction patterns native to app stores. This allows users to quickly identify and pair the apps or install apps that they would like to pair with their phone.


We created a comprehensive style guide and design system that continued to push the Toyota design language forward and continued the evolution of the Toyota Digital Brand Guidelines.

Role: Designer & Art Director

Client: Toyota

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Creative Director: Marlon Hernandez

Associate Creative Director: Laycee Fan

UX Designer: Albert Chu

Logan Miller

Visual Design | User Experience | Art Direction

Copywrite 2019

Logan Miller

Art Direction | Design | UX

Copywrite 2018