How do you help one of the worlds largest companies find it’s digital voice? I worked on all of Toyota's digital properties for four years and was apart of the team that helped them do everything from taking responsive to helping them plan out the future of their digital ecosystem and the integration of connected vehicles into the owners site and apps. I was apart of hundreds of launches and updates to the flagship site and their owners site. I was responsible for the designing pages and tools, maintaining the style guide and the consistency and cohesion of Toyota's digital brand across all its digital properties.


When I first started working on Toyota they still had a m dot site (This was in 2014 so they were a little behind the curve) and a desktop site. We were tasked with making the platform responsive while maintaining all the same content that currently existed on the live site and not making any major updates to the back end of the site. We did this progressively, section by section over the course of a year.

I was one of two designers tasked with redesigning the Model Landing Pages. We worked to optimize them to improve the user experience, especially on mobile while serving the business needs by improving all their KPIs. When the site was taken responsive the mobile experience suffered. Mobile accounts for over 50% of Toyota's traffic now on mobile we chose to take long scroll pages and break them into two pages, created a true subnavigation and moved up information about trims and grades. Users always engaged with Trims and Grade information to better understand why some versions of the same vehicles cost thousands of dollars more than others. We created a flexible template that functioned for all twenty two vehicles in the lineup, standardizing the layout while allowing each vehicle to feel unique.


I created and maintained the style guide starting with and then spread this across the entire Toyota digital ecosystem. When I began working on Toyota each site had a different look and feel and Toyota wasn't leveraging its branding in the digital space. We made sure that everything looked and felt the same across everything from sites to apps.


We redesigned the Full Specs and Compare pages to use two different templates instead of previously using the same template. Users entered the pages with different needs and expectations and the current one template system wasn't meeting their needs.

Toyota is constantly looking to optimize the Build and Price experience because it is responsible for the majority of lead submissions that they have. I led the latest redesign. We began by pouring over tons of data collected over the past five years, finding that users preferred a single screen experience that didn't require much scrolling and that they were increasingly shopping for a vehicle on their phones. We worked to redesign the experience to be mobile first and then validated our assumptions with in-person user testing and a progressive rollout to watch the impact on site wide KPIs.


We worked closely with the connected vehicles team at Toyota to better understand the data points that we could pull in from connected cars and made sure that the owners site was ready for the launch of the 2018 Camry, Toyota's first connected vehicle. The system can is set up to scale for when Toyota's entire fleet of vehicles is connected. Users can check in on their car, schedule service, understand maintenance lights and update their subscriptions all through the Owners site.


I was apart of the team that helped Toyota plan for the next ten years of the digital ecosystem. We wanted to push beyond everything that was being done in the OEM space and explore online purchases, simplifying the test drive process and minimizing the interaction shoppers needed to have with dealers. The site is set up to take advantage of existing APIs, Toyota's DMP and Sitecore to offer up a personalized experience that no other OEM is even close to.


Toyota has access to a large amount of data and car ownership statistics that we were able to take advantage of to make fairly accurate assumptions about the typical owner in a geographic area. Then, we could layer in data from actions taken on the site and on other third party sites that we purchase tracking data from like Edmonds and KBB to give users a highly purchased experience and serve up the most relevant content to them.

The most popular part of is the Build and Price tool. It accounted for around 70% of the hard KPIs on the site. We worked to make the entire site allow you to progressively build your vehicle, allowing you to save your preferences, like features and get smart recommendation all while educating you about the Toyota vehicle line-up.

Every micro-interaction on the site was thought through to add to the narrative and aesthetic. Nothing was left ambiguous. I was in charge of helping to craft a clear system of flexible, but reusable templates starting with the smallest atoms and working my up to larger molecules and page templates.

Role: Designer and Art Director

Client: Toyota

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Executive Creative Director: Mark Laughlin

Creative Director: Marlon Hernandez

Associate Creative Director: Laycee Fan

Associate Creative Director: Taewon An



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Logan Miller

Visual Design | User Experience | Art Direction

Copywrite 2019

Logan Miller

Art Direction | Design | UX

Copywrite 2018