How do you bring the transportation industry into the twenty first century? Supra National Express is a national transportation company located in Los Angeles that helps clients from all industries get their products where they need to be in a timely manner. Supra does everything from Long-Haul Trucking and drayage to dedicated logistics solutions and distribution management. I worked on everything from the branding and visual design to functional annotations and information architecture.


Supra asked for a logo that would reflect their global ambitions and after rebranding for the third time in the last 3 years they wanted something that would last them the next thirty years and still feel relevant. We helped them explore different naming options eventually landing on Supra shortening their previous name from Supra National Express. We settled on a mark that felt like it was moving while standing still, was bold, legible everywhere from the side of a truck to an app icon would stay relevant.


I designed the identity system to accommodate multiple verticals or the company (Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics), while remaining flexible enough to be a favicon for their website.


The trucking industry has been slow to modernize and take advantage of new technologies. Supra wanted their new digital presence to be more than a marketing site. They wanted a platform that was forward looking and enabled users to login to track their shipments, calculate costs, and increase the number of leads submitted through their digital presence. The platform needed too accommodate multiple different backend systems currently in use, as well as, be prepared to accommodate several planned integrations in the months after its launch.


Supra's current backend shipment tracking system had the ability to be exposed to their customers, but it wasn't being exposed. We worked with their tracking system and created a custom integration with Wordpress that allowed their clients to take advantage of all the information that Supra was already collecting for their own knowledge.


We used an adaptive approach to the design by tailoring the navigation, updating the chat experience and creating a logged in state that is more mobile firendly. We wanted to make sure that clients could easily track their packages while they were on the go at not just while they were at their desk.


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Logan Miller

Visual Design | User Experience | Art Direction

Copywrite 2019

Logan Miller

Art Direction | Design | UX

Copywrite 2018