How do you convince users to keep their most personal information on an app? Dominode is a blockchain based app designed to help certify users identities and information for licenses in the gambling industry. It allows users to store all the documents and answer any questions that they need for certification in either Nevada or New Jersey. The app has the potential to store and allow people to prove their identity far beyond the gaming industry in the future.


The apps user experience educates users on  blockchain so that casino workers and executive would feel comfortable uploading their most personal documents to the app and trusting it to be secure. We worked to make sure that everything in the app served both the underlying technology, while also being incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate through.


I set up a visual system that made the app feel similar to a native Apple or Android app so that users would feel like they had been using it for years even though they had just picked it up.


A key feature of the app was being able to easily add information to verify their identities and previous housing and financial information. It had to be incredibly simple and engaging, while still feeling fun. We took advantage of subtle animations, intelligent feedback and UX best-practices to make sure that uploading dozens of documents and filling out a ton of forms was as painless as possible.


Users have to be able to sort  through potentially hundreds of claims that consistently roll in regarding their information and keep it up to date. I created both and easy filtering and search based system that allowed users to easily find what they were looking for. Users can also customize the order of claims by tagging them making them more easily searchable. Icons helped them quickly tell if a piece of information was not uploaded, pending, completed or rejected by the claims verifier.


I designed the app to be as simple and elegant as possible, in order paying attention to every detail to craft the best experience. Cover Image

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Logan Miller

Visual Design | User Experience | Art Direction

Copywrite 2019

Logan Miller

Art Direction | Design | UX

Copywrite 2018